Our library building, which was built by Reşat Oyal, on the right side of Setbaşı Bridge, which was expanded within the scope of intensive development activities initiated by Bursa Mayor Reşat Oyal between the years 1954-1960. The lower floor built as passage for the tradesmen who were damaged in the Bursa Grand Bazaar Fire in 1958 and the second floor as a wedding office. The building, which was transformed into a library by Mayor Erdem Saker on September 11, 1998, has been serving as the City Library since then. It was restored by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 2018, and it has a more modern look for readers.

Within the library, which has an important functionality with its rich book content, protecting Bursa's historical, cultural and social memory and transferring these values ​​to future generations. There is a public library, children's library and research library. The library serves readers and researchers with Umurbey General Reading Hall, Ahmed-i Dai Periodicals Department, Lami-i Çelebi Bursa Certificate and Children's Information Park.

Researchers who want to do research in our library can examine the books in the hall and make photocopies; You can become a member of the library free of charge and borrow books for 15 days. With the e-book service, readers who cannot come to the library are able to access the book remotely.

In the City Library, besides the library services, concerts, conferences and seminars are organized free of charge, cartoons are shown for children, and artistic and cultural activities are organized in the Üftade and Performance Conference Hall.