Selimzade Mosque and Tomb

Selimzade Mosque is located in Selimzade District, on Selimoğlu Street. It is known that it was built by Müderris Mehmet Efendi (Selimzade) at the end of the 16th century. At the entrance of the mosque, the construction date of the Selimzade Mosque is written 1601. Selimzade Mosque is architecturally built of masonry stone and brick, and the upper part of the mosque is built with a hipped roof. It has a small minaret with a single balcony and a flat cone. There is a historical plane tree in its courtyard. There are lodging, bathing cubicle for dead body and fountain in the outbuilding. in front of the mosque there is the tomb of Müderris Selimzade Mehmet Efendi, who died in 1611.