"Selçuk Hatun" Mosque

The epitaph board over the entrance door of this mosque written in “sulus” script reveals that it was built in 1450 by Selçuk Hatun, the daughter of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed.

Its main prayer hall measuring 8.8 x 8.8 m, together with its portico for latecomers measuring 3.1 m in depth, is built with a rectangular plan.

The minaret situated at the north-western corner of the main prayer hall .At the western corner of the mosque’s surrounding wall, there is a two-sided drinking fountain built using stone and brick materials. It is a drinking fountain of the Early Ottoman period built with pointed arches.

This mosque was renovated in 1568 and in 1762, in the 1860s, in 1966 and in 2014.