Romangal Factory

This factory is a silk weaving factory built during the 19th century. Initially, this structure was bought by Madame Brotte. Later, it became the property of Monsieur Romangal, a Jewish frenchman. Until 1938, Romangal family lived in a house within the factory area, which is sided to Kaplıca Caddesi Street. This structure was also used as the French Consulate for a while. In 1938, however, this factory was sold by Monsieur Romangal to Faik Yılmazipek, the father of Turgut Yılmazipek, who continued silk production.

While being the property of Yılmazipek family, various processes related to the production of natural silk such as filature, warp threading, spinning, and weaving, were continued to be performed at this factory between 1938 and 1987. Yılmazipek family continued with producing both silk yarn and silk fabric until 1992, by means of adding various structures to the factory. This three-floor building has walls made of wooden frames and brick fillings. Its hipped timber roof is covered with roofing tiles. Furthermore, there is a drinking fountain from 1837 (A.H. 1253) on Kaplıca Caddesi street.