Reyhan Acemler Mosque

This mosque was built in the 15th century by Reyhan Pasha, one of the harem guards of Sultan Murad II (1404-1451). Due to the fact that, later on, the “Acem”, or Persian, people came and settled down here, this mosque is also called “Acemler”, the Persians’ Mosque.

Within the course of time, this mosque was renovated various times. Its walls being masoned using hewn, sedimentary stones and bricks, then were plastered. This mosque is built with a rectangular plan. Initially, this mosque was built as a neighbourhood masjid. Later on, a pulpit was added to it, and both Friday and holiday “namaz” prayers were held here. Over its portico for latecomers, there is a women’s “mahfel”, or screened and elevated lodge. Next to this structure’s minaret, there is a tomb, but the name of the person buried here is not known. Although some sources state that this tomb is the one of Reyhan Pasha, the sponsor of this masjid, his tomb is situated in the city of Yenişehir.