It is one of the oldest recreation areas of Bursa, belonged to Nilüfer Hatun Foundation. It is the region where the water coming from Uludağ was first divided into the fortress. With the line constructed by Hanibal, the Emperor of Carthage, who took refuge in Bithynia, the water called "Sheet Water" in Pınarbaşı was meeting the water needs of the city, especially the palace, through arches. This is Bursa's oldest waterline. The aqueducts are still present and pipes belonging to the waterline are encountered during the excavations. According to the descriptions of travelers and painters who visited Bursa in the 19th century, the area surrounded by historical plane trees with a stream flowing in the middle is also the square where Orhangazi established his army camp and where he entered Bursa on April 6, 1326, the Conquest Gate. The most important feature of Pınarbaşı Park from history is that it is the place where Bursa's feast entertainments are held. Evliya Çelebi mentions Pınarbaşı Park in his Bursa Travel Book: “There are 366 recreation areas and resting places in Bursa. The first one is Pınarbaşı Park. This is the eye of God. Water of life flows from Yalçın cliffs. One gets hungry immediately after drinking Pınarbaşı water. This is a promenade place which is famous with the name “Pınarbaşı” in the Arab and Persian lands, giving peace to the heart and a source of joy.”