Oylat Thermal Spring, located in İnegöl district of Bursa, is considered among the most important thermal springs of the Marmara Region. The hot springs are within the borders of Saadet neighbourhood, 27 kilometers from İnegöl town center. It is located in the southeast extension of Uludağ, at an altitude of 750 meters from the sea, in an extraordinarily beautiful natural environment composed of pine, beech, hornbeam, oak and chestnut trees.

What is it good for?
Oylat Thermal Springs bear the characteristics of Bursa thermal springs. It is known that thermal water is good for many diseases when its climatological and natural beauty is combined with healing water. Rheumatic diseases, neuralgia and neuritis, painful nerve diseases and polio are among the main diseases that the spa heals.

The neurohormonal regulatory effect of radioactive waters is good for both hypertension and hypotension. It has a stimulating and balancing effect on cell activities in the body. It is thought that people who are mentally and physically tired regain their former energy and vitality after three weeks of treatment.

In addition, thermal water is beneficial against gout, eczema, neurasthenia, overburdening, infertility and gynecological diseases and urinary tract infections. Very important medical evidence has been reached that thermal water is good for eye diseases. In drinking treatment; It creates a diuretic effect and is effective against small stones and sands in the kidneys, except in the acute period. Thermal water is also effective against weakening.

Oylat Thermal Springs have been used for 2000 years since the Romans. The spa was also used in the Ottoman period and has survived to the present day in all its glory. There are hotels and pensions that provide accommodation services in the spa area. Tourists seeking healing in Oylat Hot Springs are recommended to visit Oylat Waterfall and Oylat Cave.

Çitli Mineral Water
The source of Çitli mineral water is in Çitli neighborhood, 11 kilometers away from İnegöl county. It springs from a picnic area of ​​320 meters above sea level. Operated more than 150 years this healing water, is one of Turkey's best mineral waters has gained a reputation for removal of the stomach discomfort of  Sultan Abdulaziz. It is recommended for certain stomach ailments as well as liver and biliary tract diseases.

Kınık Mineral Water
It is a natural mineral water boiling from Kınık neighbourhood of İnegöl. It has superior properties as in other mineral waters of the region. Contains high levels of calcium and magnesium sulfate. It is a pleasant, stomach-friendly water that has been produced since 1989 and marketed throughout the country.

Uludağ Spring Water
It is on the Bursa-İnegol highway, bottled in filling facilities 10 kilometers from İnegöl, it is one of Turkey's most beautiful waters.

Baikal Spring Water
Baykal spring water is a water with a hardness of 5.6, boiling from the soils of Hacıkara neighborhood in the direction of İnegöl - Domaniç.