Ördekli Cultural Center

Located in Abdal Neighborhood, the bathhouse is classified in the "double" bath typology. It is also known as the Old New Bath. Its construction started in the era of Yıldırım Bayezid, and its construction was left unfinished due to the invasion of Bursa by the Timurlenk army. The bath was completed during the reign of Çelebi Mehmed. In 1485, Çandarlı İbrahim Pasha built a fountain on the wall of the bathhouse. The building, which was in ruins for a long time, was restored by the Osmangazi Municipality between 2006-2008, giving it the function of a cultural center. There are two seminar halls, one big and the other small, foyer hall, coffee hall, exhibition halls, traditional arts course and practice halls and sections where Turkish dishes can be served within the bath.

For detailed information; http://isletmeler.osmangazi.bel.tr/kultur-merkezleri/ordekli-kultur-merkezi

Address: Taya Kadın Mah. Haşim İşcan Cd. Osmangazi / Bursa

Phone: 0 (224) 221 80 69