Nilüfer Municipality City Theater

Bursa Nilüfer Municipality, which has been organizing hundreds of cultural and art activities in every discipline since 1999, has taken the theater into the center of attention since 2007 and has brought the Nilüfer Art Production Theater to life and started to produce joint productions.

Nilüfer's audience showed great interest in plays, the city's growth and the opening of new stages led Nilüfer Art Production Theater to establish a corporate theater in 2014. Nilüfer Municipality 'Theater', which gained a corporate identity by opening its established theater, has become a nationwide institution theater in a short time by opening curtains regularly every week since then.

In 2017, it changed its shell with its young staff and new management style that it formed with the exam it held, and it became an institution theater with the status of "city theaters" under the name of Nilüfer Municipality City Theater. It continues to deliver important local and foreign play texts to the audience by bringing them together with successful directors and actors. In addition to the season plays, Nilüfer Theater Festival, which has been taking place since 2007, invites the important plays of the country and the world to the city, hosts them on their stages and brings them together with the audience.

As Nilüfer Municipality City Theater, it continues to work with the aim of being one of the leading theaters of the world, which contributes to the training of individuals who watch, listen, read, understand and make life easier with its sustainable and innovative approaches.


Ayşe Selen Experiment Stage

Konak Culture House

Nazım Hikmet Culture House

Uğur Mumcu Stage

Ticket Offices:

Nâzım Hikmet Culture House; Yüzüncüyıl, Uğur Mumcu Blv. 7 / A, 16120 Nilüfer / Bursa - (0224) 413 27 37

Konak Culture House; Konak, Yakut Sk. No: 2, 16110 Nilüfer / Bursa (0224) 452 45 00

Uğur Mumcu Stage; Ataevler, Yılmaz Akkılıç Cd. Press Culture Palace No: 2, 16140 Nilüfer / Bursa (0224) 443 22 77

Ticket Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 12.00 / 20.00, Saturday - Sunday: 12.00 / 20.00

Online ticket: