Mustafakemalpaşa Şeyhmüftü Mosque and Tomb

It is written on the marble inscription on the entrance door of the sanctuary to the north of the mosque that Sheikh Mufti Mosque was built in 1894-1895 with the help of Naib Sefik Bey. On the plate written in Turkish at the entrance door of the tomb located in the northwest of the mosque, it is stated that the person lying in the tomb is Şeyhmüftü and information is given about his life. There is a sanctuary in the south, the last congregation place built in a later period in the north, and a minaret in the north corner of the west facade. The dome rising on four columns in the middle is covered with a flat ceiling on the sides. The minaret has a cubic base, a cylindrical body and a single balcony. The minaret is made of cut stone. In the mosque, columns, arches, cover system, mahfil, pulpit and preacher stand are wooden, and the mihrab is marble.