Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center

Atatürk Congress and Culture Center, which was built on the site of the Merinos Yarn Factory, which rose Bursa into the status of Turkey's textile capital, opened by Atatürk within the scope of Turkey's first industrialization progresses in 1938, is the largest convention and cultural center hosting national and international congresses.

An electronic, mechanical and acoustic infrastructure has been established to enable the most comprehensive organizations from opera, theater and ballet shows to conferences and concerts In Osman Gazi Hall, which has two balconies with a capacity of 1659 seats. The hall was equipped with the latest technology, as well as the sections such as The stage area reaching 1750 m2 including moving and sliding stages, moving orchestra pit, simultaneous interpretation rooms and all kinds of technical spaces. In the administrative section, there are artist dressing and study rooms, workshops, rehearsal rooms, offices, library, archive and private parking area that will support this technology. The main and side foyers, spreading over an area of 3.800 m2, integrate both with the lush green nature created by the Merinos Park and the restored Merinos Factory thanks to the completely transparent designed facade. These spaces, which are enriched with wide gallery spaces, are also used as recording, exhibition, stand and catering areas.

The Merinos Factory, which has been converted into a Cultural Center, covers an area of 67,600 m2, including the new 9,600 m2 parking lot. The Merinos Factory, which includes the Conservatory, Art Center, Yarn and Textile Museums, has been transformed into a living center where educational, social and cultural activities are met. The 7,600 m2 Main Hall, which runs from the East Gate of the Factory to the West Gate opening to the new Atatürk Congress Center, has been made suitable for gala dinners and receptions as well as extensive exhibitions and fairs. Surrounded by 2,000 m2 of art galleries and shops, this space also provides the visual and functional integrity of the two buildings. In this way, the Cultural Center and the Congress Center are positioned as two interconnected but also free structures. The art galleries in the Cultural Center were named after artists born in Bursa, Zeki Müren, Müzeyyen Senar and Yıldırım Gürses.

Address: Atatürk Congress Culture Center, Merinos Park, Osmangazi / BURSA 

Telephone: +90 224 272 16 00