“Mayor” Synagogue was built in the late 15th century by the Sephardic Jews from Mallorca Island (Spain), who were admitted by the Ottoman Empire, where they were colonized in Bursa. In memory of the island where these Jews came from, this synagogue was given the name “Mayor”. In the Bursa Rent-Roll from 1573, this community is registered under the name “Mayer”.

The arches of the door of “Mayor” Synagogue support the possibility that this structure has undergone a major repair work after the 1803 fire, or the 1855 earthquake. This synagogue is built with a rectangular plan. Its capacity is about 100 to 150 persons. The restoration of this synagogue was initiated by the Bursa Jewish Community’s Foundation in 1998, and it was opened for worshipping in 2001. While the services during the winter months were held in “Mayor” Synagogue, since its heating was easier, since it is smaller, and the services during the summer months were held in “Gerush” Synagogue, which is situated in the same street, as from 2003 onwards, “Mayor” Synagogue is used only for various activities, and for washing the bodies of dead persons.