Mausoleum of Üç Kuzular (Üç Kozlar)

Right opposite to “Üç Kuzular” Mosque, there are the tombs of three brothers, Safiyyuddin Efendi, Açıkbash Mehmed Efendi, and Ali Efendi, who lived in the 15th century, and who came from Bukhara to Bursa. It therefore is believed that this mausoleum is called “Üç Kuzular”. The reason for calling this mausoleum “Üçkozlar”, however, results from the fact that it is told that it was located between three walnut trees.

It is known that there was a dervish lodge founded on the area where “Üç Kuzular” Mosque is situated, called “Üç Kozlar”, and “Mehmed Safiyyuddin” Dervish Lodge. The epitaph board on this mausoleum’s south wall states that both this dervish lodge and the “Üç Kuzular” Mausoleum were re-built in 1235 A.H. (1819) by Mustafa Pasha, treasurer general of Bursa governor Nurullah Mehmed Pasha.

Inside this mausoleum, there are seven sarcophagi, those of the first sheikh of this dervish lodge, Sheikh Muhyiddin-i Bursevi Efendi, (died 1680), as well as of this children, his successors in the duty of a sheikh in this dervish lodge, i. e. Ömer Efendi, Abdi Efendi (died 1724), Mustafa Efendi (died 1751), Abdurrahman Efendi (died 1796), and Ibrahim Efendi (died 1799), as well as of Hurmuz Hatun, the wife of Sheikh Muhyiddin (died 1681).

The sheikhs of “Üçkuzular” Dervish Lodge who died in Bursa, as well as some of their family members are buried in the graveyard situated on a platform below the mausoleum. Besides the tombstones of those who are buried in this mausoleum, there are the tombstones of ten sheikhs and up to twelve of their family members buried in the graveyard of this dervish lodge. The total number of tombstones in this graveyard is 36, the oldest of them being dated 980 A.H. (1572).