Mausoleum of Suleyman Celebi

Mystic and poet Suleiman Çelebi, who deceased in 1422 is the son of Ahmed Pasha, a well-known vizier during the reign of Sultan Murad I (1362-1389), and the grandson of Sheikh Mahmud. Suleiman Çelebi learned sciences from Bursa's important savants of the period. During the reign of Sultan Yıldırım Bayezid, he was the imam of “Divan-i Humayun”, the high governmental body, and later became the imam of “Ulucami”, the Grand Mosque, built by Sultan Yıldırım Bayezid in Bursa. Suleiman Çelebi is the author of “Vesiletu'n-Necat” (Way to Salvation), which is a famous Mewlid for the Turkish world. He completed it in Bursa in 1409.

The tomb of Suleiman Çelebi, who was buried near “Yoğurtlu Baba Zaviyesi” hermitage, was built with the support of the “Bursa Ancient Artwork Lovers’ Society”, after a contest organized by Haşim İşcan, Governor of Bursa from 1945 to 1952.

The marble sarcophagus is sheltered by an open mausoleum with a baldachin plan, built with sedimentary stones. It has eight pedestals connected by “Bursa”, and pointed arches. Its ceiling is decorated with geometrical marquetry motifs.