Mausoleum of Ghazi Timurtas pasha

This mausoleum is the one Demirtash (Timurtash) Pasha, bynamed Gazi, or The Veteran, who lived during the reign of Yıldırım Bayezid. Timurtash Pasha, who had participated in the war against Karamanoğlu Ali Bey in 1386, was granted the duty of a “subashi”, or commissioned chief-officer responsible of security, and of Sakarya guard when Murad I progressed to Rumelia. When Yıldırım Bayezid acceded to the throne, he came to Edirne, where he granted Demirtash Pasha the title of a “Beylerbeyi”, or governor-general, and he left him in Edirne. This pasha who supported Isa Çelebi against Çelebi Mehmed, his elder brother, was killed by his closest man, and buried in his today’s mausoleum situated at a place formerly called “Balıkpazarı”. Although it is known that his mosque was situated here, it does not exist anymore.

One of these three tombs is the one of Timurtash Pasha who died in 805 A.H. (A.D. 1402)