Mausoleum of Bedreddin Mahmud Pars Bey

This mausoleum was built by Bedreddin Pars Bey, one of the courtiers of Sultan Murad II. The original name of Pars Bey, who also was the founder of the Pars family, was Bedreddin Mahmud, his father’s name, however, was Abdullah. There is a waqf record dating September 14, 1445. After the first waqf document burnt, a second one was issued, describing Pars Bey as “Emiru'1-azam” and “kadri'1-muazzam", or “famous” and “very valuable” person. He donated the villages of Yazır and Umurbey, together with their vineyards, their gardens and their mills, to his “zaviye”, or hermitage, which was situated here in former times.

His mausoleum, which originally was built with a dome with timber ceiling on the inside, and a wooden roof covered with Turkish-style roofing tiles on the outside, was completely re-built. Written sources state that several sections of this mausoleum collapsed in the 1855 earthquake. The today’s mausoleum is built with an octagonal plan, and its surface is covered with a travertine.