Mausoleum of abdullatif Kudsi

This mausoleum was built in the middle of the 15th century by Sultan Murad II for clergyman and mystic Abdullatif Kudsi (1385-1452). As Abdullatif Efendi was a person who came from Bukhara to Bursa, passing through Jerusalem, he was given the nickname “Kudsi”, which means “from Jerusalem”. Coming to Bursa in 1448, he contributed with very important activities in the spreading and becoming known of the religious “Zeyniyye” order in Bursa, and he founded the “Zeyniler” Dervish Lodge. Dying in 1452, he is buried inside the mausoleum, which is situated at South-West of “Zeyniler” Mosque. Later on, the neighbourhood where Kudsi had settled down, got the name “Zeyniler”, due to his being a follower of this “Zeyniler” order.

This mausoleum is built with a square plan, and has a single dome. 

Inside this mausoleum, there are six sarcophagi. It is known that – besides Abdullatif Kudsi – also his successors are buried inside this mausoleum.Beneath this mausoleum, there is a crypt (or burial chamber) section, and it is presumed that, in former times, there was a hall in front of this section, and that this was the “çilehane”, the place where the dervishes retire and fast.

This mausoleum was completely destroyed in the 1855 earthquake. Later on, it was re-built with the today’s ground plan. This structure was renovated in 1958 and in 1965.