Lami Celebi Mosque

This mosque was built as a masjid in 1528 by Lami'i Çelebi, grandson of famous miniaturist Nakkas Ali bin Ilyas Ali, who was responsible of the ornaments drawn in those structures being situated within “Yeşil” Kulliye complex. Adding a “minber”, or pulpit, to this masjid, it was converted into a mosque. The tomb of Lami’i Çelebi, famous divan poet from Bursa, however, is located within the graveyard of “Nakkas Ali” Mosque in Hisar. He wrote up to 30 books; the most known of them are “Divan”, “Ferhatname”, and “Shehrengiz” including his poems.

Lamii Çelebi Mosque consists of a main prayer hall built with a rectangular plan, of a portico which of all sides are closed, for latecomers all sides of which are closed.

In 1962, it was renovated by the “Bursa Ancient Artwork Lovers’ Society”, whereupon this structure was reopened as a mosque.