Konak Culture House

It was opened in March 2005 as a 5-storey building on an area of 2,500 square meters. In the culture house; There is a 190-seat cinema-theater hall, music classrooms, photography, painting, sculpture workshops, exhibition halls and a multi-purpose hall used for dance, choir and orchestra works. In the place where art and education are intertwined, music, theater and dance training is given to our children; different age groups

study painting, sculpture and photography in the art workshops, enjoy the pleasure of exhibiting the fruits of their education in the same place, and have the opportunity to follow professional art works that will improve their perspectives in this space.

For detailed information; http://www.nilufer.bel.tr/niluferbelediyesi-44-konak_kulturevi

Address: Konak Mah. Yakut Sok. No: 2 16100 Nilufer, Bursa, Turkey

Telephone: 0224 452 45 00