Kayhan Mosque

This mosque was built in the 15th century by Hadji Mehmet, the son of Kayganzade Musa, one of Bursa’s merchants. It is known that also Kazzazoglu Sule Mehmet Pasha had provided serious financial support during the construction of this mosque, and that he therefore had stipulated only its minarets to be built according to his wishes.

In the 1855 earthquake and the 1870 fire, this mosque went rack and ruin to a great extent. It was re-built in 1873 by Kolagasi (an Ottoman rank above a captain and below a major) Halil Efendi living in Bursa, a charitable soldier. This state is the mosque’s today’s state.

The mosque’s today’s state differs from both plan and construction features of the initial building. It is told that this mosque initially had eight domes, and that, as it had two builders (or sponsors), there are two mihrabs next to its pulpit, and that this mosque has two minarets, one of which has a double surrounding balcony, and that the calls to prayer were made on different minarets and different surrounding balconies. 

This structure was renovated in 1680, 1720, 1766, 1817, 1844, 1861, 1873, and in 1956, respectively.