Kavaklı Mosque

The epitaph board inscription, which is stated in historical records saying: “Building of the late Koca Efendi in Kavaklı Neighbourhood, and masjid where nights were spent in prayer and worship” reveals that this mosque was built by Koca Naib during the reign of Sultan Murad I (the Sovereign) (1362-1389). Koca Naib was one of the judges during the reign of Murad I. As Geyikli Baba planted a plane-tree in front of this mosque, and as plane-trees were called poplar (“kavak”) in that period, it is called “Kavaklı”. This mosque gave its name also to the neighbourhood.

 It consists of a main prayer hall and a portico for latecomers. It is known that this mosque was re-built after having been destroyed by a fire in 1598, and that it was renovated in 1890.