Karagoz Museum

Turkey's first and only Karagoz Museum, which was converted into a museum by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality In 2007, has two galleries. In the first gallery, the history of Karagöz, a Turkish shadow play, is explained on information boards. In the second gallery, along with the depictions of the Karagöz play compiled from the collection of Prof. Dr. Metin And, one of the veterans of traditional theater, depictions of masters such as Orhan Kurt, Metin Özlen, Tacettin Diker are also exhibited. In addition to the shadow play demonstrations held in the museum, this heritage continues to be kept alive in our museum to carry it into the future with the depiction workshops for children.

Tel: 0 224 716 37 61


It is open every day of the week between 09:30 and 17:30 except Monday.