İznik Yakup Çelebi Mosque and Tomb

It was built by Yakup Çelebi, son of Murat I. The building consists of entrance and prayer spaces that extend successively in the north-south direction, two lateral wings adjacent to the entrance in the east and west, and the last congregation place in the north. Its outbuildings are 500 m² and its interior area is 290 m². The mosque has a square plan and a triangle transition dome. It opens to the outside with seven windows; two bases symmetrical to the axis in the south, an upper one on the axis, one base and one upper window on the axis on the east and west walls. The covering system of the walls is plastered. The entrance case and wings are wooden. The walls are laid on the facades with one row of cut stone and three layers of brick in an alternative technique. The mosque was renovated in various periods. The last opening date for worship is 1961. In the north east of the mosque, 5 km away from the last congregation place, there is the maqam tomb of Yakup Celebi in a garden.