İznik Tile

İznik district of Bursa is a city that has been the capital of many civilizations for centuries. It is also the capital of the tile.

This magnificent art came to life in master hands and lived its golden period in the 14th and 15th centuries. The Tile was used in decorating many mosques and palaces of the period. And it further increased the magnificence of these structures.

Because it contains 80% quartz that is semi-precious stone, it is known as “Impossible Ceramic to be Produced” in the ceramic literature.

The tile artists embroidered symbolizing their social life and beliefs with motifs in their works. The main theme in motifs kneaded with Islamic philosophy is to reach God. While grapes symbolize abundance in every period, tulips represent life in the tiles. In the tiles, peace and love are described with colors and motifs. They form an important part of our historical and cultural heritage that has been come until today.