Hünkar Mansion Museum

Hünkâr Mansion was built in 19 days as "Hunting Mansion" on behalf of Sultan Abdülmecit in 1844. In the mansion where Sultan Abdülaziz and Mehmet V. Reşat stayed, Atatürk and the commanders of the War of Independence were hosted for 12 days in 1922. In addition, it is known that the Great Leader Atatürk stayed in the mansion during his visits to Bursa in 1925, 1931 and 1935. Inside the mansion, there is a reception hall, Atatürk's room, the bedroom of his spiritual daughters Sabiha and Ülkü, and a pool hall. In addition, valuable porcelains in the dining room, monumental trees in the garden, pebble mosaic (podima) floor and a fountain decorated with Kütahya tiles are among the worth-seeing.

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