Hançerli Madrasa Cultural Center

It was built in the first half of the XVI. century By Fatma Sultan, daughter of Sultan Mahmud, son of Bayezid II. Hançerli Madrasa is one of the madrasahs built as a single building. The building, which has the characteristics of classical madrasa architecture, was built as 14 rooms and an iwan / classroom. The building served in accordance with its purpose for a long time, and it remained neglected over time due to reasons arising from the trustees of the foundation. Hançerli Madrasa, which was rebuilt in accordance with the original, was organized for various meetings and cultural events and it was brought back to the city culture by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

The structure has been contributing to the city culture under the name of "Hançerli Madrasah Cultural Center" Since 2016.

For detailed information; https://www.yildirim.bel.tr/yildirimda-yasam-detay/HANCERLI-HAMAMI-KULTUR-MERKEZI/48

Address: Piremir Mah. 2. Olcay Sok. No: 48/1 Yildirim / Bursa

Phone: 0 (224) 716 25 82