"Hamza Bey" Complex

It was the largest mesjid of those built in Bursa during the reign of Mehmed the Conqueror (1451-1481). It is the main structure within “Hamzabey” Kulliye complex. It is known that this kulliye complex was built by Hamza Bey, by-named “the Conqueror of Izmir”, and known to be the younger brother of Bayezit Pasha (the vizier of Mehmed I and Murat II). This complex consisted of a mosque, a madrasah, a soup kitchen, and five mausoleums, three of which are still preserved. 

In 1614, the masjid was converted into a mosque by Muallimzade Ahmet Efendi, a high judiciary official, by adding a pulpit to it.

This structure falls under the category of mosques with a hermitage (or lodging room for travellers). It consists of a portico for latecomers, a place in front of the mihrab, a main prayer hall, and lodging rooms for travellers, which are situated at either side of this hall.

This mosque was restored in 2013.