Get Lost in the Historical Texture of Tirilye

Wander among historical houses in Tirilye and dine at a fish restaurant.

Tirilye, an old Greek fishing town, it is a virgin coastal town with its churches, houses that preserve its original architecture to a great extent, narrow streets and a harbor. Tirilye, one of the preserved corners of the Mudanya coast, is an old Greek town known for its fish and olives, and has been known for tourism in the recent period. It was once the most populous settlement in the region, and a hundred years ago olives and olive oil were exported to Europe from here.

In the restaurants lined up along the Cordon (Long Walking Pevement), appetizers made by Cretan immigrants and olive oil dishes in addition to fresh fish will make you feel the privilege of eating fish in Tirilye. You can also taste the delicious olives and olive oil of Tiriye in Tirilye's Bazaar.

The historical Çamlı Kahve, which is the highest point of Tirilye, was the place where Greek women were waiting for their wives who went fishing. When the weather is clear, you can observe the unique view of the bay from this point and the Armutlu beaches on the opposite side.