“Fetih”, or the “Conquest”, Gate is the southern gate of Bursa Castle opening to Pınarbaşı area. Its distance from “Zindan”, the “Dungeon”, Gate is 355 m. Since the Ottoman army entered the town using this gate during the Bursa conquest, it is called with this name.

“Fetih” Gate is also built in such manner as to be able to control and to protect the water coming from Pınarbaşı source to the town. Furthermore, in order to provide equal distribution of the water within the castle, a barrel-vaulted two-floor water tower was built on the line where this gate was situated. For this reason, it is also called “Pınarbaşı Kapısı” (“Pinarbashi Gate”) or “Su Kapısı” (“Water Gate”).

This structure was renovated in 2008 by Osmangazi Municipality, according to its original plans.