Enjoy Bursa Doner Kebab

This flavour, which is one of the most special Products of Bursa with its deep-rooted history, special recipe, cooking style and unique presentation. According to historcal documents this kebab was firstly made in Kayhan Bazaar of Bursa, where Kebab shops are common. This food is one of the tastes that come to mind, when it comes to Bursa.

For this kebab, the meat of sheep and lambs, fed with herbs and thymes in Uludağ plateaus, are minced and bottles are passed. It is obtained vertically in the coal fire by turning around. After that, the fried meat is cut thinly with a knife and placed on the fried kebab pita on the plate prepared for serving. Finally, tomato sauce, butter is poured on it and it is served with yoğurt and roasted eggplant on the edge.