Emir Buhari Cultural Center

Emir Buhari Derwish Lodge Cultural Center, which was restored and reconstructed, hosts many social organizations with its historical integrity and spiritual atmosphere. The place, which was first used as a lodge by the members of Kübreviye, Halvetiye and Nakşibendiye sects, and built by Emir Sultan Buhari, serves as a cultural center after renovation works. Emir Buhari Cultural Center, which hosts events such as religious talks, meetings, exhibitions on all days of the week, is one of the distinguished venues of Bursa that integrate with history with its impeccable understanding of service.

For detailed information; https://www.yildirim.bel.tr/yildirimda-yasam-detay/EMIR-BUHARI-KULTUR-MERKEZI/51

Address: Emir Sultan Mh. Doyuran Cd. Opposite Emir Sultan Mosque, Yıldırım, Bursa

Telephone: 0224 326 79 54