Daye Oglu (Dayioglu) Turkish Bath

There is no definite information neither on the date of construction of this hamam, or public bath, nor on its sponsor. Due to the fact the earliest record available concerning this structure is a record from 1605, it is assumed that this hamam was built prior to this date. Furthermore, historical sources state that this hamam was recorded among the waqf income of “Emir Sultan” Kulliye complex. It is also called “Surmeli Hamam” and “At Pazar Hamam” (the “Horse Market Hamam”). The name “Daye Oglu” changed to become “Dayioglu” over time, and the latter is used by the people.

“Daye Oglu Hamam” is a “double” hamam consisting of a mens’ and a women’s section. The ground plans and the dimensions of these both sections are equivalent. This hamam is built using rubble stones and bricks. This structure was renovated in 1605, 1684 and in   1759, and has preserved its original function.