Cumhuriyet Street

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of 34. Ottoman Sultan  Abdülhamid II's accession to the throne, many simultaneous works and events were held in Bursa. The opening of the Hamidiye Fountain in Temenyeri and the restoration of the Hüdavendigar and Orhan Mosques are some of them.

In 1906, during the governorship of Mahmut Mümtaz Reşit Pasha (1093-1096), It was opened with the name "Hamidiye Street" in the name of Sultan Abdülhamid II. A police station, which has not survived to the present day, and a fountain were built at the western entrance of the street, modeled after the "Tiled Fountain" built in 1903 in Ulucami.  The street, whose name was changed as Meşrutiyet Street with the proclamation of the Constitutional Monarchy, was renamed Cumhuriyet Street in 1926.

The Noltalgic Tram, which started from Cumhuriyet Street in May 2011 and continued to Yıldırım District, was put into service on the street that was closed to vehicle traffic in January 2011.