Cezeri Kasım Pasha Cultural Center

Cezeri Kasım Paşa Mansion, which was restored in Selimzade District after the projects approved by the Council of Monuments,  serves as a cultural center by Yıldırım Municipality. With a total area of 330 square meters, the 2-storey Cezeri Kasım Paşa Cultural Center has become the meeting point of our ancient civilization and has been contributing to the rising value of our city.

For detailed information; https://www.yildirim.bel.tr/yildirimda-yasam-detay/CEZERI-KASIM-PASA-KULTUR-MERKEZI/47

Address: Selimzade, Arabacılar Sk. No: 18, 16350 Yildirim / Bursa

Telephone: 444 16 02