The foundations of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality City Theater, which was established in 2006, were laid under the name of Bursa Culture Art and Tourism Foundation Theater.

The theater, which only included children's plays in its repertoire during its establishment years, started to serve with adult plays in time. With the interest and support of the people of the city, it turned into a repertoire theater and entered into a structuring aimed at forming a city theater in the long term. Working with different directors with an understanding of theater that is open to alternative forms, it carried out many important projects that are pioneering in Turkish theater. During the establishment years, in addition to the staff of Bursa State Theater trainees, it trained his own actors over time. Among the staff, those who studied the theater departments of universities and conservatories and returned to the institution after they graduated. In addition, in 1998, in order to revive the forgotten Ortaoyunu tradition of our traditional theater, it formed a Orta Oyun branch.

In 2006, in accordance with the decision of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council dated 31-12-1997 and numbered 357 with the basis number 1997/205 to establish Bursa Metropolitan Municipality City Theater; It was affiliated with the Metropolitan Municipality and took the name of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality City Theater, and it carries out its activities at the Tayyare Cultural Center on Atatürk Street under the Culture Branch Directorate. It uses the Grand Hall stage with a seating capacity of 580 people and the stage of the Görükle Youth Center with a capacity of 250 people in the Tayyare Cultural Center.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 20.00

Play Schedule:

Ticket Sales:

Box Office: Tayyare Cultural Center

Working Hours: Sunday-Monday: Closed

Tuesday, Wednesday: 09:30 - 19:00

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10: 30-20:00