Ali Pasha Toy Library

The founder of the historical hamam-Tekke structure, which was restored by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and turned into a toy library, is Sufi Saçlı Ahmed Efendi, who settled in Bursa in 1627, bought the Ali Pasha Bath and converted it into a dervish lodge (Ismail-i Rumi Dervish Lodge) after it was repaired.
Since 2015, with the educational content developed in cooperation with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Uludağ University, it aims to ensure that children between the ages of 0-12 reach with toys, to take the toys to their homes and play, and to support their education. It aims to prepare the child for pre-school education, especially by supporting the development of socioeconomically disadvantaged children who cannot reach toys. During the day, our children can spend a total of 1.5 hours in our library, 45 minutes in the game rooms and 45 minutes in the reading room. Children aged 0-6 can enter our library together with their families, and children aged 7 and over can enter our library individually.
During reading hours, we can visit our schools in groups and benefit from games and activities. For this purpose, fairy tale reading, drama, workshops are held for children in our library, and games can be played individually or in groups. In addition, there is the opportunity to benefit from our playground and garden located in front of our building. Village Schools in the Districts of Bursa Province, which do not have the opportunity to visit our library, are visited and workshops, story reading and telling activities are held with the students there.
Users can become members of our library for a fee and borrow 1 toy and 1 book for 15 days.
Contact information
Address : Alipaşa Mahallesi, Yüceyer Caddesi No: Bila, Osmangazi / BURSA
Telephone : (0224) 368 99 54