Alaaddin Bey Mosque

This mosque was built by Alaaddin Bey, the elder brother of Orhan Gazi, in 1326, the year when Bursa was conquered. It is considered to be the first Ottoman mosque built in Bursa.

Although being the elder brother of Orhan Gazi, Alaaddin Bey abdicated his principality and granted it to Orhan Bey, his younger brother. Alaaddin Bey is one of the first persons in Bursa who ordered the construction of buildings for charitable purposes.

This mosque is a typical example of the early Ottoman period. Its main prayer hall, together with its portico for latecomers consisting of three sections, is built with a rectangular plan. In the mosque’s courtyard, there is a graveyard. Furthermore, there is a drinking fountain built with a pointed arch, set into the structure’s outer wall.