Aktopraklık Mound Open Air Museum

Archeopark Aktopraklık Mound and Open Air Museum has the title of Europe's largest prehistoric park. The Archeopark, where animations from the period 8,500 years ago take place, is located in Akçalar Aktopraklık. The museum contains three different exhibition units. Two of these are prehistoric village animations built according to archaeological data on the mound. The first village reflects the Neolithic Period, the other the Chalcolithic Period settlement layers belonging to the developed village communities. One of the main areas of interest of the museum is the traditional village formed by the buildings that were dismantled from Eskikızılelma village and rebuilt. In addition to the houses in the traditional village, which was built to enable the visitor to establish a link between the past and the present; A real texture was tried to be achieved with sections such as village coffee house, barn, woodshed, water mill, fountain, bakery, warehouse, blacksmith's workshop and molasses store.

The Archeopark, where you can get information about the excavations in the region and the life of the period, is an exemplary historical and touristic place. In addition, it has been made possible to get to know this science more closely through applied activities related to the scientific methods used by archeology.

Tel: 0 224 223 26 87


It is open every day of the week between 09:30 and 17:30 except Monday.