Abdal Mehmed Mosque and Mausoleum

Abdal Mehmed Mosque

There is no definite information neither on the date of construction of this mosque, nor on its sponsor, but from the epitaph board placed on the wall of the nearby situated mausoleum of the same name it is possible to date this structure to the reign of Murad II (1421-1444). Furthermore, different sources state that this mosque was built during the 15th century by Bashci Hadji Ibrahim, a tradesman from Bursa, and a disciple who loved Abdal Mehmed a lot, for mystic Abdal Mehmed.

Abdal Mehmed Mosque is a typical example of the Early Ottoman architecture in Bursa. As its ground plan is not designed with successive sections, but with two domes sitting side by side and as a rectangular in parallel to the mihrab, and due to its resemblance to the ground plan of “Mescid-i Nebevi” masjid, which is the first masjid built at the times of Prophet Mohammed, this mosque is a striking structure.

This structure was renovated in 1955 and in 2000, respectively.

Mausoleum of Abdal Mehmed

This mausoleum was built by Sultan Murad II for Abdal Mehmed, one of the mystics of that period. According to the marble epitaph board placed over its entrance door, Murad II ordered this structure to be built one year prior to his death in 1450.

Evliya Çelebi describes the “Abdal” Mausoleum as a beautiful building where the passerbys took a rest and prayed. He furthermore indicates that this mausoleum was used as a masjid and a dervish lodge at his times, or that there was a structure used for this purpose at this place instead of it.

This structure was renovated in 1953.