Today, Abdal Bridge in Osmangazi district is located on Nilüfer Stream between Acemler and Hürriyet Neighborhoods. The bridge, which started to be built in 1666, was completed in three years. It is known that the bridge was built by a merchant named Abdal Çelebi. The bridge consists of cut stone and bridge arches. Its middle part is 75 centimeters higher than its two entrances. It was pedestrianised, after it was restored in 1978. Piers of the Bridge have triangular prism shields outwardly according to the flow direction of the water and support walls in the opposite direction. The bridge was built with 12 bridge arches according to the Yearbook of the Hüdavendigar Province (Bursa) in 1906. However, both entrances of the bridge are underground today. The bridge is 64 meters long and 4.75 meters wide.