At the same time when Bursa was conquested by the Ottomans, bridges were built within the scope of their building activities in this town. These bridges connected the town’s centre to its east. This bridge, which is one of them, was built by a tradesman from Bursa called Hodja Sinan. Although the exact date of construction of this bridge is unknown, archive records state that it was built prior to 1433.

This bridge has two phylons and one single arch. The construction material used for it is rubble stones. As to its plan and construction style, this bridge has a simple body construction; there are no decorative or written elements on it.

As to construction techniques and location, Setbashı, Irgandı ve Boyacıkullugu Bridge, respectively, which are overstretching one of Bursa’s most important becks, Gökdere beck, which divides the city into two parts, form a whole over the river.

This bridge was renovated in 1848. Today, it connects the neighbourhoods situated at both banks of Gökdere beck to each other.