17th Century Ottoman House Museum

In the place of the wooden house opposite the Murat Complex in Muradiye district, it is believed that Sultan Murad II had a mansion before. Therefore, this house is also known as the house where Fatih Sultan Mehmed, who conquered Istanbul, was born. The two-storey house used as a museum today, has the characteristics of the 17th century in terms of plan and decorations, and it is one of the oldest and most beautiful houses still standing in Bursa. The ground floor rooms are winter rooms with low ceilings in the plan consisting of a hall with an iwan and two rooms opening to the garden.

In the room called "the main room" on the upper floor, the wooden cabinet decorated with handcrafted plant and flower motifs, the wooden ceiling with geometric decoration and the hexagonal ceiling core show the beautiful and characteristic features of the 17th century decorations with their elegant appearance. The "Harem Room", perhaps the most important and colorful part of the house, is illuminated by fourteen windows opening to the outside. In this room, various handicrafts, mother-of-pearl inlaid wooden household items and porcelain items are exhibited in this room.

It is open to visitors every day except Monday.

Opening Time: 10:00

Closing Time: 17:00