Yatık (Tilted Canteen) / Flask Making

Yatik (a type of tilted or oblique water flask) can be called today's canteen, which is used to carry water in the fields and forests in the mountain region of Bursa. Generally, pine wood is used in the body of the yatık, and beech wood is used in the ewer part of the yatık. According to the size of each yatık, 20-25 pieces of wood are shaped with scraper, compass, jaw and saw and compressed between the two circles in a way that does not leak water. The one-piece body, which is the last process of the yatık, is attached and varnished and becomes ready for use. Today, the only yatık master of Bursa continues to make yatıks with the tools he made in his own workshop in Dağdibi village of Keles District.