Turkish Draughts

It is a kind of " Checkers Game" that was able to survive among many types of checkers in the History of Humanity. French “Jue de dames” (game of ditchs), Polish checkers (played with 20 stones on a 10×10 100 square checkerboard), Canadian checkers (played with 30 stones on a 12×12 144 square checkerboard) are among the "Checkers Games" which are widely played today. British Checkers (checkered board game)  English Checkers(played with 12 stones on an 8x8 64 square checkerboard), Russian Checkers, Brazilian Checkers and "Turkish Checkers" are among the most played chequers besides these.

Turkish Draughts stand out in the settlements of Osmangazi and Yıldırım, Mustafakemalpaşa District and its neighborhoods such as Güvem, Karaorman, Koşuboğazı, Melikköy, Ocaklı, Ovaazatlı, Ormankadı, Soğucak, Tatkavaklı, Tepecik, Yalıntaş, Yamanlı, Yeşilova.