Traditional Turkish Archery

Apart from the fact that archery is a weapon used for defensive purposes in wars, modern archery has taken its place as an Olympic sport, and traditional archery and mounted archery are among our traditional sports. In the Ottoman period, in the Aticilar district, one and a half kilometers north of Bursa, a milestone was erected in their names at the places where the Turks' world-class archers shot arrows. Evliya Çelebi talks about the Wrestlers Lodge, which was established in the Hisar in Bursa during the time of Orhan Gazi, and says "Tekke-i Hayy-ı Bursa, Tekke-i Rufai" is one. From these statements, it is understood that Bursa Wrestlers Lodge was active in 1640 and a sports club established by the Rufai Sect was operating. The fact that the lodge was following the Rufai sect, He states that in this lodge, like other Rufai lodges, not only Sufi activities are carried out, but some activities, especially in the field of sports were held. Şuca from Bursa, who lived between 1481-1513, was one of the rare record holder archers in Ottoman history, who was known as Takyeci Kulu Kemankeş Şuca. It is known that Şuca was born in Okçular village of Harmancık district.

Traditional Turkish Archery was registered in the National Inventory in 2014.