Tongurdaklı Spoon

The tongurdaklı spoon used as a dancing spoon in Bursa folk dances, in Keles, Orhaneli, Büyükorhan, Harmancık, Keles Districts, is produced by spoon masters who produce spoons with tongurdak in Sorgun, Kocakavacık, Harmanalan Villages, Harmancık and Orhaneli District Centers.

The tongurdaklı spoons, named because of the chains on the handles, are made of oak wood. The chain (tongurdak) on the handle of the spoons is shaped by carving a single piece during spoon making. In the Keles, Orhaneli, Harmancık and Büyükorhan regions where spoon dances are played, there are spoons with tongurdak in almost every house. Small sizes of spoons with tongurdak, which are widely used in Keles, Büyükorhan, Harmancık, Orhaneli districts of Bursa, are decorated with flowers and various patterns and hung in a corner of the house against the evil eye. The “tongurdaklı spoon”, an important rhythm instrument of Bursa traditional folk dance, was found in the dowry chests.has taken its place to be passed on to generations.