Students’ report card gifts are from silkworm

A silkworm feeding kit was distributed by the Metropolitan Municipality to 150 students from Mümin Gençoğlu Primary School “in order to spread and develop the values of Bursa”. Children who feed the silkworms that will come out of the eggs in the sets with mulberry leaves for 40 days will receive a report card gift by delivering the cocoon they have obtained to the Metropolitan Municipality.

The initiatives made by the Metropolitan Municipality to keep the intangible cultural heritage alive continue. Metropolitan Municipality, which has established workshops in Umurbey Silk Production Center, Orhaneli, Keles, Harmancık, Büyükorhan and İnegöl in order to restore the silkworm to its former reputation and take its place in the world showcases, continues its efforts to explain this value to future generations in schools. Within the framework of the project initiated in 2015 with the title “Bursa silk comes to life again”, silkworm feeding sets were distributed to 150 students from Mümin Gençoğlu Primary School. Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Abdullah Karadağ also attended the distribution ceremony held in Hançerli Madrasa belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality.

Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Abdullah Karadağ, in his speech at the ceremony, said that Bursa is located on the silk road and therefore silk culture has an important place in the city from past to present. Reminding that there was serious dynamism in Koza Han during the cocoon season in the past, Karadağ stated that many families earned their living from the cocoon in this period. In his speech, Karadağ also emphasized on the work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality to revive the silk culture in Bursa. After finishing his words, he delivered the feeding sets to the students and had a souvenir photograph taken.

With the end of the 2018 production season, a total of 4000 students will be reached in the feeding sets, which started to be distributed as of 2015. Students, who will complete the process with the transformation of silkworm eggs in the feeding sets, will take their cocoons to the Metropolitan Municipality Umurbey Silk Production and Design Center and receive their report card gifts from there. With the project named “Bursa silk comes to life again”, it is aimed to reach a total of 1000 students in 10 schools this year.

Date: 24.04.2018