There are several varieties of the spoons such as table spoons, salad spoons, dessert spoons, ladles, sugar spoons, soup spoons, dowry spoons, playing spoons, etc. Spoons are named according to the material from which they are made; wooden spoon, steel spoon, silver spoon, porcelain spoon, boxwood spoon etc. The types of wood used in making wooden spoons also determine the usage period and usage area of the spoons. Spoons of all sizes and types are manufactured from boxwood, linden, oak and hornbeam trees. In traditional culture, it is believed that the decorations embroidered on the spoon and the spoon hung on the wall will protect the house and its inhabitants from evil eyes. The "tongurdaklı spoon", which is used as a rhythm instrument and a game spoon in Bursa folk dances, is shaped by carving the chain on the handle without making any additions during spoon making. In the Keles, Orhaneli, Harmancık and Büyükorhan regions where spoon games are played, there are spoons with tongurdak (a kind of chained bell) in almost every house. The spoon, which takes its name from the chain on the handle, is made today by spoon masters inhabiting in mountain districts of Bursa.

Small tongurdaklı spoons, which are widely used in Keles, Büyükorhan, Harmancık and Orhaneli districts of Bursa, are hung in a corner of the house against the evil eye, decorated with flowers and various patterns. An important element of Bursa traditional folk dance, the "tongurdaklı spoon" has taken its place in dowry chests to be passed on to the next generations.