Silk turns into art in skillful hands

The precious Bursa Silk, which has come to life again with the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, meets art in the silk carpet production workshops opened in the mountain districts.

The workshops created in unused village schools, which are maintained within the scope of the project, serve as places that ensure social cohesion for women together with production. Silk produced from local cocoon at the Muradiye Silk Factory is modeled peculiar to Bursa patterns drawn at the central facility, Umurbey Silk Production and Design Center, and brought together with producers. Silk carpets with 100 knots in 1 square centimeter and requiring great effort are produced in various sizes. Producers, who have achieved significant quality on the basis of the final product, make a significant contribution to the re-place of Bursa Silk in the national and international market.

Within the scope of the project implemented in Orhaneli, Keles, Harmancık, Büyükorhan and İnegöl districts, besides silk carpet production, silk fabric, silk knitwear and silk rugs are also produced and added to the Bursa souvenir inventory as a final product.