Quilt Making

Although the material of the quilts has changed since Hallacı Mansur, who is considered to be the founding father of quilt makers, their usage area has not changed. Wool and cotton are the materials traditionally used in making quilts. Cotton fabrics are generally used in a quilts to be used daily, silky satin fabrics are used for bridal quilts and quilts for guests. Detailed motifs are usually chosen for dowry quilts; Tulip, coleus, swallow, wicker weave (Ottoman), saucer magnolia, violet, grape vine, branched clover motifs are determined according to the liking of customers. Quilts are completed in a day to a week depending on the intricacy of the motif. Quilts, which have an important place in Bursa's traditional culture, have been continuing to embellish to beautify the beds on special occasions, weddings, dowry of girls, circumcision ceremonies and newborn celebrations. The quilt makers bazaar, located in the covered bazaar, stands today as a reflection of the quilt culture on the city architecture.